According to Gartner (, value streams will define the future of DevOps.

Value Streams are the next level in agile and DevOps practices. To accelerate development and enable continuous delivery of customer value, organizations, I&O leaders and application leaders must focus on value stream management to maximize flow, improve delivery efficiency and drive innovation.

VSMPs (Value Stream Management Platforms) help answer five key questions in software delivery and provide insights to improve in all those areas:

  1. Are we meeting our delivery commitments?
  2. Are we delivering our products as efficiently as possible?
  3. Are we working on the right products and features?
  4. Are we aligned with our business objectives?
  5. Are customers receiving value from our products?

VSMPs (see Figure 1) integrate and ingest data from key tools involved in software delivery from both business and IT.

Market research firm Gartner has predicted that 70% of organizations will employ a value stream management platform by 2023 to improve flows in their DevOps projects.
However, as DevOps platforms and project management applications continue to evolve, many are also adding many of the analytics capabilities found in a VSM platform, such as KAVSAR, focused on helping organizations to implement SAFe quickly and with confidence.
KVASAR allows you to:

  • Assess the performance, quality, and value of your products, including development costs and ROI.
  • Assess the maturity of your existing product delivery capabilities and identify flow constraints and knowledge gaps for stakeholders.
  • Provide accurate dashboards and product delivery views for other stakeholders and leaders.
  • Get a consolidated view of governance, security, and compliance across all product lines.
  • Take advantage of advanced capabilities, such as change risk analysis, to make more informed decisions about launching new features.