• Have you been having difficulties aligning your team and the business for some time?
  • Do you need to visualize the impact of team work with business benefits?
  • Do you know how to demonstrate your and your team’s contribution with OKRs?
  • Can you prioritize work with that impact on OKRs?
  • How do you manage the expectations of your stakeholders? Are you able to explain in a simple way the priorities of your portfolio and backlog?

Whatever your challenge, your need, your complexity in the organization, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for enterprises) proposes an organization of work, good practices and events to align the entire company. To do this, you can apply it in a basic or complete way.

  • Essential SAFe is the building block for all the other configurations and is the simplest
    starting point for implementation. Essential SAFe delivers the core competencies of Lean-
    Agile Leadership, Team and Technical Agility, and Agile Product Delivery to the enterprise.
  • Large Solution SAFe brings the Enterprise Solution Delivery competency to organizations
    building the largest and most complex solutions. This configuration offers increased focus
    on coordinating multiple ARTs and suppliers, and meeting compliance and regulatory
  • Portfolio SAFe incorporates the Lean Portfolio Management competency to align
    portfolio execution to enterprise strategy. This configuration also organizes development
    around the flow of value through one or more value streams. Moreover, Portfolio SAFe is
    the simplest configuration designed to help organizations achieve business agility.
  • Full SAFe is the most comprehensive version, integrating all seven core competencies to
    support enterprises that build and maintain a portfolio of large, integrated solutions.

If you are thinking about business agility, beyond your team, do not hesitate, KVASAR is here to help you.
Contact us for a demo and to help you implement SAFe in a few hours. Typically, a stratup, in 1 day we can make the change. Then we can support you in the adoption of best practices. You can also contact our partners if you want to receive training and have the SAFe certifications for your team.