As digitalization advances, companies’ strong dependence on software begins. According to Mckinsey report ( the number of top-100 product and service companies that are software dependent has doubled. And revenues from digitized products and channels are expected to exceed 40 percent in industries such as insurance, retailing, and logistics. It is really very important to […]
Acordig to an article from Scaled Agile Framework (Advanced Topic – Six SAFe Practices for ‘S-Sized’ Teams – Scaled Agile Framework), yes! You can apply SAFe for small size teams. Let’s see an overview of that: Strategic themes. Whats is the business strategy? Program Epics. How Epics are aligned to strategy? Program Kanban. How to manage […]
According to SAFe, Strategic Themes are differentiating business objectives that connect a portfolio to the strategy of the Enterprise. They influence portfolio strategy and provide business context for portfolio decision-making. Strategic themes offer a way to align the business strategy of an Enterprise or Government agency with a SAFe portfolio. Working together, enterprise executives and […]
WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS MANAGED AND GET DONE. (Peter Drucker) We often collaborate with innovative companies, which evolve their IT infrastructures towards the cloud, launch new digital products and new business models thanks to the integration with third parties. When you ask what the cost of the product is, silence takes over. But even when […]
According to Gartner (, to accelerate development and enable continuous delivery of customer value, organizations need to reach the next level in their agile and DevOps practices. I&O leaders and application leaders must focus on value stream management to maximize flow, improve delivery efficiency and drive innovation. VSMPs (Value Stream Management Platforms) help answer five […]
Have you been having difficulties aligning your team and the business for some time?Do you need to visualize the impact of team work with business benefits?Do you know how to demonstrate your and your team’s contribution with OKRs?Can you prioritize work with that impact on OKRs?How do you manage the expectations of your stakeholders? Are […]
Were you one of the first to identify Uber as a game changer? What about being one of the first to use Amazon or Google in the early days? If you had invested in Uber (now valued at $40B) in 2011, you would currently be sitting on a 600x return. This term “early adopter” indicates […]
More than 1,000,000 individuals in 20,000 companies around the world have acknowledged the benefits of scaling agile with SAFe. Aggregated customer case studies have shown the following typical results: Image source: Alignment is needed to keep pace with fast change, disruptive competitive forces, and geographically distributed teams. While empowered, Agile Teams are good (even great), […]
Synchronizing alignment, collaboration, and delivery for multiple teams, SAFe claims to increase productivity, reduce time to market, and improve product quality, and its growing popularity seems to prove that it delivers on these promises. But how exactly does SAFe work? Essentially, the basic structure of SAFe contains 3 or 4 levels, depending on the specific […]
An Epic is a container for a significant Solution development initiative that captures the more substantial investments that occur within a portfolio. Due to their considerable scope and impact, epics require the definition of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and approval by Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) before implementation. A SAFe portfolio aligns strategy to execution […]