We often collaborate with innovative companies, which evolve their IT infrastructures towards the cloud, launch new digital products and new business models thanks to the integration with third parties. When you ask what the cost of the product is, silence takes over. But even when they downplay the economic part.
In a way, it’s okay, to move forward, to explore, to innovate, but throughout the company? Don’t have an assigned budget?
I am referring to an economic structure that allows resources to be balanced in part to maintain the business and in part to evolve the products.

Lean Budget Guardrails - Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe proposes to develop business activity around value streams and investment portfolios, the guardrails that set budget limits in each value stream and by time horizon.
It may seem complex, and it is. The future of the organization rests on it.
It is about organizing the teams around what generates profit, because it responds to the market need. Simple, but unfortunately rare today. Where entire departments are dedicated to maintaining systems and creating new solutions when you could be dedicating those capabilities to higher value tasks. Both for the client and the organization itself.

KVASAR puts your business strategy in order, helps you organize work around value streams, setting objectives and investment portfolios.
In addition, KVASAR allows you to know at a glance the status of your investment. It is conceivable that any expense is preceded by a strategic decision. What is more important to develop or maintain?
With the KVASAR DASHBOARD you will be able to carry out the global follow-up of your organization, you will be able to drill-down through the portfolio, epics and features to quickly access the details in case you feel curious.
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