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KVASAR employs Agile methodologies to scale your business.

Accelerate Your Agile Journey with KVASAR and Full Scale Agile.

KVASAR Powers SAFe® Implementations

What does Full Scale Agile mean?

Set clear business objectives

Clear business objectives provide a roadmap for the organization and help to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals

Achieve Strategic Alignment

Teams and departments work together towards a common goal with agile practices.

Foster cross-functional collaboration and break down silos between teams

Silos can create barriers to communication and coordination, making it difficult for teams to work together effectively towards a common goal. 

Eliminate waste and reduce handovers

Deliver value to the customer through efficient and effective processes.

Handovers can create delays, miscommunication, and errors that can impact the quality and timeliness of the final product.

Monitor progress

Teams can see how their work is contributing to the overall goal of delivering value to the customer. 

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement drives innovation, increases efficiency, enhances quality, increases engagement, and promotes adaptability,

KVASAR Technologies
The best partner for Agile Management and development

We are focused and committed to providing the best tool and knowledge.

Helping you to implement new and effective ways of working, which result in short and long-term economic results.

We let our developments speak for themselves:

No need to brag about being the best in agile management.

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Discover KVASAR Agile Management©

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for Scaling your Agile practices

Manage objectives

Efficient goal setting using OKRs

Without clear goals and objectives, your company may struggle to get everyone on the same page.

KVASAR provides an effective model to ensure that all individual goals of each team member are aligned with the top level objectives of the organization.

Lean Portfolio Management

Manage and operate Lean Portfolios

Effectively oversee and navigate Lean Portfolios with KVASAR management solution.

KVASAR provides an solution to leverage the benefits of Lean Portfolio Management practices, enhancing business efficiency and unlocking growth opportunities.

Improve alignment and monitor progress

SAFe portfolios

KVASAR Portfolio Management ensure alignment between business strategy and execution, optimize investment, and increase transparency and visibility across the organization

Online Value Stream Mapping

KVASAR helps you identify value streams, in a collaborative way to increase productivity and improve communication.

KVASAR helps you to organize and catalog solutions based on respective value streams.

Visualize processes

Identify waste

Group Solutions by processes

Breaking Organizational Silos

ART Management

KVASAR helps RTEs to visualize, manage and assign multi-team work in a single Agile HyperKanban©

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