According to SAFe, Strategic Themes are differentiating business objectives that connect a portfolio to the strategy of the Enterprise. They influence portfolio strategy and provide business context for portfolio decision-making.

Strategic themes offer a way to align the business strategy of an Enterprise or Government agency with a SAFe portfolio. Working together, enterprise executives and portfolio stakeholders analyze various inputs to establish a set of strategic themes (Figure 1). These are specific, differentiated business goals that communicate aspects of strategic intent from the enterprise to the portfolio.

Strategic themes profoundly influence value stream budgets, which provide the investment and allocation of people needed to accomplish the strategic intent. They trigger the following kinds of questions: Do the current investments in value streams reflect the changes to the business context? Are the current value streams the right ones? Should we start a new value stream, or end an existing one? Do the Guardrails provide the proper guidance for investments? Are we spending the appropriate amounts in existing and new products and services? Do we have a sufficient level of funding for operations, infrastructure, maintenance, and support activities?

With KVASAR you will be able to have total traceability from the task of the technical team within a Sprint, to the business objective that gave rise to reserving a part of the budget in the form of EPIC, and further up, in the business decisions that prioritize the development of products in the value streams.

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