Were you one of the first to identify Uber as a game changer? What about being one of the first to use Amazon or Google in the early days?

If you had invested in Uber (now valued at $40B) in 2011, you would currently be sitting on a 600x return.

This term “early adopter” indicates a business or an individual who makes use of an innovative technology or new product before others can do so.

Early adopters are customers who adopt a new product or technology before the general population does. The term “early adopters” stems from the technology adoption curve, which shows how a product or idea gains acceptance in a society. According to this curve, there are two types of early market consumers:

  • Innovators: Innovators are the first consumers to adopt a new product, solution or technology. They are a small group that makes up only 2.5% of the total customer base for a new product.
  • Early adopters: Early adopters form the second group to adopt a new product, solution or technology. Representing about 13.5% of the total customer base for a new product, this group plays a pivotal role in pushing the product into a broader buying market.

Whatever your position in your company, surely you want to change the way you work, to participate in the success of the group. Well, at KVASAR you have the opportunity to really change things.


  • KVASAR is committed to creating and maintaining a collaborative partner experience throughout the product development process.
  • User license, without limit of organizations and users to use internally in the company and in training.
  • Appear on the website and social networks of KVASAR.
  • Adherence to the “partner program” as installer, trainer and consultant for continuous improvement once implemented in the client company.
  • Validity of these benefits for 2 years.

Necessary requirement
Partner agrees to work with KVASAR to provide feedback during the product development process. In exchange for this feedback and collaborative participation, the Partner will receive the benefits listed above.