Acording to an article from Scaled Agile Framework (Advanced Topic – Six SAFe Practices for ‘S-Sized’ Teams – Scaled Agile Framework), yes! You can apply SAFe for small size teams. Let’s see an overview of that:

  1. Strategic themes. Whats is the business strategy?
  2. Program Epics. How Epics are aligned to strategy?
  3. Program Kanban. How to manage the amount of work to be done?
  4. Features. What are the benefits for the clients?
  5. PI Planning. What alignement frequency is place?
  6. Innovation and planning iteration. Do you make room for innovation and continual improvement?

The question is that Scrum is not enough. You need to align team work to strategy, make a great performance team because a lack of waste. That’s why KVASAR was born: make sense!

Even for big or smaller teams, we always need to make sure our efforts make sense.

We need an overview of the different teams in our organizations, dependencies with no IT groups of people working with the same goal: it make sense.

Help scale quickly whever is needed: it make sense.

Contact KVASAR team for a demo. Remember: it make sense!

Everything you need is here, ready to play 😉