¿Qué es la gobernanza?

El término gobernanza puede significar muchas cosas para muchas personas, así que primero tratemos de entender qué significa exactamente la gobernanza.

This concept can be applied to several domains, so let’s break down from top to bottom:

Gobierno corporativo

El gobierno corporativo se refiere a las reglas, políticas y procesos (y en algunos casos, leyes) mediante los cuales se operan, regulan y controlan las empresas.

Estos a menudo son definidos por una junta directiva o accionistas, o la constitución de la organización; pero también pueden estar definidos por la legislación, la regulación, los organismos de normalización o los grupos de consumidores.

Governance needs to be able to evaluate, direct and monitor the strategy, policies and plans.


    • Ensures that policies and strategy are actually implemented, and that required processes are

      correctly followed.

    • Governance includes defining roles and responsibilities, measuring and

      reporting, and taking actions to resolve any issues identified.

The international standard for corporate governance of IT is ISO/IEC 38500.

Organizational Project Management Governance

Organizational Project Management Governance is a strategic business execution framework that utilizes portfolio and project manangement as well as organizational enabling practices to consistenly and predictably deliver organizational
strategy to produce better performance, results and business value.

Portfolio Governance

Portfolio governance refers to the systems and methods by which a portfolio and its strategies are defined, authorized, monitored, and supported. It also refers to the systems and methods by which the portfolio team monitors and manages
the components of a portfolio. proper governance is essential and crucial to enforce accountability, optimize investments, escalate issues to decision makers, and improve communication.

Project Governance

Project Governance refers to the framework, functions and processes that drive activities of project management in order to create a product, service or unique result in order to fulfill strategic and operational objectives of the

IT Governance

IT governance is an element of corporate governance, aimed at improving the overall management of IT and deriving improved value from investment in information and technology.

IT governance frameworks enable organisations to manage their IT risks effectively and ensure that the activities associated with information and technology are aligned with their overall business objectives.

Lean IT Governance

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