As digitalization advances, companies’ strong dependence on software begins.

According to Mckinsey report ( the number of top-100 product and service companies that are software dependent has doubled. And revenues from digitized products and channels are expected to exceed 40 percent in industries such as insurance, retailing, and logistics.

It is really very important to trust on software (information systems), since it is where the value of knowledge, strategy, and other company information resides.

Three key concepts should be clear to you when analyzing your application security:

  • Threats are incidents that can potentially harm your application. Think of them as external processes that your application must defend against.
  • Vulnerabilities are weaknesses in your application that attackers can exploit. They can depend on design flaws or bugs, not just in your code, but also in its dependencies. Deficiencies can also exist at the infrastructure level, such as insecure protocols or network issues.
  • Risks are the potential damage your application can suffer when a threat exploits a vulnerability. You can think of risks as the intersection of threats and vulnerabilities.

Understanding these concepts is fundamental for protecting your applications against attackers. (see more details at:

At KVASAR we build secured, reliable and trustworthy software, so you won’t have to worry about who accesses what, if the user gets blocked or doesn’t remember the password, and other unlikely situations for users, you know 😉

Next step is connecting to your current organization’s Active Directory (AD), Windows networked single sign-on (SSO), or user stores that employ the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

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