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KVASAR Powers SAFe Implementations

Accelerate Your SAFe Journey with KVASAR: Deploy Full Scale Agile in your organization faster than anyone else

The best partner for Agile Management

We are focused and committed to providing the best tool and knowledge. Helping you to implement new and effective ways of working, which result in short and long-term economic results.

Strategic objectives

KVASAR is revolutionizing the way business set and achieve their goals.
Say goodbye to ineffective goal setting and hello to a brighter future with KVASAR.


Portfolio Kanban

KVASAR naturally facilitates strategy alignment and execution by identifying, communicating, and controlling the selection of the most important strategic initiatives (Epics) at portfolio kanban.

Value Stream Organization

KVASAR helps you organize SAFe portfolios around value streams to visualize the workflow, produce solutions and deliver value to the market.

Program Kanban

KVASAR helps agile release trains (ART) and solution trains combine demand with capacity based on work-in-progress (WIP) limits, visualize bottlenecks in each state of the process, and enhance continuous delivery.

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