Business Agility es una mentalidad y un conjunto de principios que guían a las organizaciones en sus esfuerzos por ser adaptables, innovadoras y centradas en el cliente.


Customer focus: Organizations should be focused on delivering value to their customers and meeting their evolving needs.

Adaptive planning: Plans should be flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances, rather than being set in stone.

Mejora continua: Organizations should be constantly looking for ways to improve their products, services, and processes.

Transparency and alignment: Agile governance is characterized by transparency and trust.

There are several ways to create and mantain alignement:

  • Communicate the vision, mission and strategy.
  • Connect strategy to execution.
  • Speak with a common language
  • Constantly check for understanding.
  • Understand your customer.

To ensure transparency, trust is needed.

The following actions can help to build a culture of transparency and trust in an Agile enviroment:

  • Create a trust-based environment.
  • Comunicate directly, openly and honestly.
  • turn mistakes into learning moments.
  • Visualize work.
  • Provide ready access to needed information.

Empowered teams: Teams should be given the autonomy and resources they need to make decisions and take action.

Lean thinking: Organizations should strive to eliminate waste and inefficiency in their processes.

Iterative and incremental delivery: Products and services should be delivered in small, iterative increments, allowing for feedback and adjustment.

Collaborative culture: Collaboration and communication should be encouraged across teams and departments.

Experimentation and learning: Organizations should be willing to experiment with new ideas and learn from their successes and failures.

Leadership support: Leaders should provide the vision, resources, and support needed to enable Business Agility.

Agile mindset: Organizations should embrace the Agile mindset, which values flexibility, adaptation, and customer focus.